We are truly excited about the future of the music business and where we fit into it! As we grow our staff of writers and artists that we are producing and developing, we need also to grow our creative and support staff. Currently, we have an opening for the position of Creative Director here at VVM. We are looking for a friendly, outgoing, outside the box thinking, passionate person to work with us to grow our company and represent our writers. We are looking for that dedicated person who eats, lives, breathes and sleeps the music business and is eager to make their mark. We ARE seeking an individual that doesn’t wait to be told what to do, but knows and acts accordingly. We ARE NOT looking for someone to put in effort. We ARE seeking a results oriented person that sets and achieves goals thru their hard work and passion.

Qualified candidates must have a background and current experience in the music business as it relates to music publishing. Applicants should possess the ability to work with songwriters, PRO’s and have a working understanding of administration and day to day operations of a music publishing company.

Salary is commensurate with experience.

Job Responsibilities Include (But not limited to):

  1. Keeping Songwriter(s) Schedules
  2. Booking Co-Writes
  3. Developing and Maintaining Relationships with other Publishers, Creative Directors, Record Labels and Songwriters
  4. Catalog Management
  5. Attend Regular Industry Events to Represent VVM and Network with Other Industry Professionals
  6. Talent Acquisition / A&R
  7. Work with Administration Company to Ensure Proper Title Registration and Rights Allocation
  8. Develop and Implement Creative Strategies to Grow Our Brand within the Industry
  9. Assist Ownership Team with Day to Day Operations
  10. Assist with Managing Social Media Profiles and Activity
  11. Catalog Representation (Pitching Songs for Placement)

Job Requirements:

  1. Must Have a Minimum of 2 Years Experience in the Music Business in Nashville
  2. Must Have a Working Knowledge of Music Publishing
  3. Must Have Reliable Transportation (Uber Doesn’t Count)
  4. Must Be a Proactive, Self Starter with a Friendly Outgoing Personality
  5. Must Have References

If you meet the above criteria, we want to hear from and meet you! Please forward your resume and/or email inquires to Steve Freeman at steve@www.vicesverses.com.